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JULY 1, 2019
Sportfest Awarding 2019

"Sportsfest 2019: Building Employees lnto a Strong CommuniTEAM" is the theme for this year’s Sportfest. It is an annual event that runs for two months in which Sportfest games were held at SKYGO plant. The event aim’s to strengthen the bond between players and to imbue the value of team spirit to everyone. In the same note, it hopes to develop the employees’ competitive character and determination to excel. 

Simultaneous competitions in individual and group games in badminton, volleyball, basketball, Table Tennis and dart soon commenced.The awarding happened last May 9, 2019. The rankings for the concluded acts were then announced. 

The winners are as follows:

Activity WINNERS
Awarding for Cheer dance PRINCE TEAM

Awarding for Darts

Singles Champion (Girls) PRINCE TEAM
Singles Runner up (Girls) KNIGHT TEAM
Triple’s Champion (Girls)      KING TEAM
Triple Runner Up (Girls)  ARCHER TEAM
Singles Champion (Boys)  PRINCE TEAM
Singles Runner up (Boys)    ARCHER TEAM
Triple’s Champion (Boys)     KING TEAM
Triple Runner Up (Boys)       KNIGHT TEAM

Awarding for Table Tennis

Runner Up        WIZARD TEAM

Awarding for Chess
Men’s Champion PRINCE TEAM

Men’s Runner Up ARCHER TEAM
Women Champion KNIGHT TEAM
Women Runner Up WIZARD TEAM

Awarding for Badminton
Team Champion KING TEAM
   Team Runner Up   ARCHER TEAM

Awarding for Volleyball (Female)
Team Champion ARCHER TEAM
Team Runner Up KNIGHT TEAM

Awarding for Volleyball (Male)
Team Champion KING TEAM
Team Runner Up WIZARD TEAM

Awarding for Basketball
Team Champion WIZARD TEAM
Team Runner Up         ARCHER TEAM

The Sportsfest 2019 awarding concluded with a fair result and victorious event in every team in which King Team hailed as the overall champion and Prince Team as First Runner up, Knight Team as Second and Archer Team as Third runner up. All winners received a cash prize.