News - SKYGO Marketing Corporation
MAY 31, 2019


The family that plays together, strengthening the relationship together. SKYGO initiated their annual company event - an event where puts an excitement to SKYGO members with their immediate families by providing an exclusive place where they can build and strong camaraderie.

Everyone began their day at 7:00 in the morning as departure time heading to the place in Talamban at University of Carlos Gymnasium. As soon as everyone came at around 8:00 AM, registration of the excited members and their families was initiated and opened the program at exactly 9:00 AM by Mr. Carlo Dacumos, Marketing Manager, as host of the event. The program started with an opening prayer which led by Ms. Avelyn C. Saladas, Treasury Manager and followed by the recitation of SKYGO Creed led by Mr. Giovanni M. Palomar, Dealership Operation Manager.
There was a warm welcome speech given by the Chief Finance Officer, Ms. Ruth Mercy D. Uy, which she acknowledge the presence of all department heads first, then letting everyone know that this annual event is unique since this is the first time where family day was held on the gym and not the usual venue which is on the beach. She added that it was made on purpose for all the members and family of SKYGO could bond and play during the whole day event which was the very important thing as to why we celebrated family day each year and ended it up by reminding all SKYGO employees and their family to just enjoy the fun-filled event and its games.

Before the game started house rules were given by Mr. Gerzon M. Villacorta Jr., Production  Manager, to be cautious and always safety at all times especially for the children while enjoying the place.
Now for the family to get warmed up and ready for the day games were started. Each team has already selected a player or representative. First game was Face the Cookie played by the kids, next was the Bread String Game still played by the kids, then the Family Relay Game which was played by the members of the family that composes the father, mother and their kids, followed by Food Relay game played by SKYGO employees, then the Apple Balance Relay and Rapid Spag which was played by the husband and wife and lastly the game ended with Balloon Stomping which was played by the SKYGO employees.

Each start of the game, committee will explain the mechanics:
 1st Game ''Face the Cookie''. All the kids were very excited to each station for the challenge. Cookies were placed in the middle of the forehead, tilting their head and move the face.   Winner: Son of Mr. & Mrs. Domino.
2nd Game ''Bread String Game''.Each team must have 2 kids representative. Kids toes were tied-up with bread and must move the string using their toes so that they can eat the bread. 

3rd Game ''Family Relay Game''. First the kid will be playing the newspaper relay, where in the kid should step on the newspaper towards the other newspaper until he/she will reach his/her mother, then once the mother was tap by his son / daughter she will now began to do the balloon cup challenge until she reach on her husband, then the husband will now begin to play the flour game. The final challenge of the game is that the whole family must be wrapping around with tissue to represents how they are bonded together. Winner: Bentazal Family.

4th Game ''Food Relay''. All teams race to each station. Wherein they battle over eating 10 kinds of foods in the plate. Each team has 10 members     and each member has to eat food from the plate and flip the plate once he had finished eating before the next player can run to the station and eat the next food on the plate which shows the teamwork and how each team support each other. Winner: Archer Team
5th Game ''Apple Balance Relay''. All teams composed of four couples in each group. The couples have to balance an apple in every part of the face move from the starting point to end point without dropping. Winner: Mr.  & Mrs. Asnahon, Mr. & Mrs. Eredera and Mr. & Mrs. Dela Torre.
6th Game ''Rapid Spag'': Two groups will composed of four couples to execute the game. They need to balance the plastic cup using the spaghetti noodle and move it to the end point. Winner: Mr.  & Mrs. Asnahon, Mr. & Mrs. Eredera and Mr. & Mrs. Dela Torre.
7th Game ‚''Balloon Stomping'': All teams are ready to each station; their ankle was tied-up a balloon with string. Players must be careful standing at the edges of the area, on the go signal all players rush forward and try to stomp to the opponent. This was an extremely fun protecting their balloons. Winners: Girls Team
The event was successfully ended with smiling faces, fun-filled experienced and building a strong relationship not just in a team but also to everyone.