News - SKYGO Marketing Corporation
SEPTEMBER 23, 2019
Operation Convention 2019

This year's annual event was held at Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino wherein all Field & Store Supervisors, Area Managers, Operation Managers, and Supervisors nationwide were present, including the management from Head Office.

With this year's theme " MISSION POSSIBLE: People, Process and Performance" it aims to address the need for all participants to take courage to took up challenges and to do things that we think are Impossible. With this in mind, The Operations Department prepares two day training for all Supervisors. On the first day, we invited motivational speaker Mr. Macario Balali, to discussed about Leadership and Supervision, it is in order for our supervisors to learn the top attributes of a great leader where there should be a consistency of actions, values, principles and outcomes. Mr Balali provides a series of lecture and workshops to all participants that are in line with the theme. The second motivational speaker was Mr. Myron Sta. Ana he focuses on Winning Customer Service in order for the participants to learn some strategies and tactics in dealing with the different types of customer in the market. He also prepared some workshop and games for the participants as application to all the relevant topics he discussed.

On the second day, they had their breakout sessions where all Store Supervisors had to transfer from the other plenary for a specialized topic just for them. Their first speakers were Mr. Dennis Cabatingan and Ms. Irene Padin who discussed about Keeping up with the Compliance Aspect of the Business, followed by Mr. Rone Conte who talked about Supply Chain Policies. For the field Supervisors, Mr. Armando Pia & Ms. Jean Fuentes presented the Finance Processes on Branch Opening Account Adjustment & IBP Accreditation followed by Mr. Leonilo Casayas & Mr. Lodiver Magsanay who tackled about Repossession Management.

After the whole day trainings and workshops, all guests returned to their respective rooms to prepare for the enchanting Night. This year's theme was ''Circus'' where everybody showcased their wonderful ideas on conceptualizing what to dress up on the special night. Some dressed up as magicians and clowns. While having dinner, guests were serenaded by an acoustic duo Anton & Glynis.

The Night started with a surprise presentation by the Area Managers, Operation Managers and the Vice-President for Retail Operation which showcased their dancing skills. The most awaited part of the event was the annual talent contest on its 3rd season which is called the ''SKYGO Got Talent season III'', wherein each region has one group presentation prepared for that contest.

Mr. David Ian C. King the President & CEO of SKYGO Marketing Corporation also shared a short inspiring story about a person from a Circus named Charles Blondin or ''The Great Blondin'', he is the famous balancing master who was the first person to crossed the Niagara Gorge together with his Manager. With that, Mr. King leave a very empowering message from the story for all the visitors, stating that many people will think and say that they believe in you but only few will make a trip with you.

The main highlight of the night was the recognition of branches that excel in various aspects of their day-to-day operation. Achievement in Part sales Award, Rookie Branch Award, Most Improved Branch, & Branch of the Year Awards there is also a Special Award given for the performance of the branch.  All of the awards were based on various criteria and were determined on a nationwide basis. All the finalists and winners received Plaques and Cash. Below are the lists of winners:


The event would not be complete without a photo opportunity for all the participants including the Board of Directors of SKYGO. The night ended with a fantastic entertainment from  a local band from Cebu, The Revenant Band  who had played a variety of songs where all participants dance to its beat and had a night to remember that what they are celebrating are result of their hard work and dedication to the company.